Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Devil's Bargain by Rachel Caine

Summary: What would you do if you were contacted by a company offering you a partner and 100,000 dollars to open up your dream private investigator practice? All you have to do is investigate their cases they throw your way. Jazz Callendar is about to find that out. She is an ex-cop wanting to open her own private investigating practice to look into her ex partners case. Her reputation has been run through the mud thanks to her ex-partner getting convicted for murder. She still believes whole heartily of his innocence and has promised to solve his case. Soon she becomes entangled in this company, and realizes it is more than she has bargained for in the long run. She will need the help of Lucia (her new partner), John Borden (Lawyer, new love interest?), Pansy (her secretary), and Manny (a paranoid genius) to stay alive when a hit has been put out on her.

Review: You guys know how much I absolutely love Rachel Caine's novels if you have read my reviews on her Outcast series. This novel definitely doesn't disappoint. I quickly liked Jazz; she was witty and pretty kick-ass. I love Rachel Caine's heroines. I was trying to decide who I liked more so far Joanne (Weather Warden Series), Cassiel (Outcast Series), or Jazz (Red Letter Days Series). I want to lean towards Joanne, but really at the end of the day I can't decide. I love her leading ladies. John Borden as the love interest is pretty perfect. He is smart, hot, and definitely on top of things. They are definitely a steamy couple with sparks flying everywhere. One scene I was like who knew a hand holding scene could be so hot! I laughed out loud during so many parts of this book. My only problem was how big a jerk McCarthy turned out being; he didn't even seem grateful to Jazz. This was a pretty quick, fast paced read. I really do recommend it to people who like Rachel Caine books already and people who are new to her as an author as well. She really is one of my favorites. Add it to your Goodreads!

       "Lucia's mock surprise was really too funny. "An honest lawyer? Now you really are making me suspicious, Mr. Borden.""
      "He looked from one of them to the other, brown eyes bright. "You two really were separated at birth did you know that?""

      "Just before the doors close, she said, "By the way? If you want to send a women a present, chocolate's seductive. Banana's are just crude.""

     ""Pear honey,"Pansy called after her. "He must really like you. That's kinda kinky. Think of all the applications...""

                                Rating: out of 5

Here are my reviews for her Outcast Series:

As always I recommend reading the Weather Warden Series before the Outcast Series. Seeing that the Outcast Series is a spin off series of the Weather Warden Series.

Have you read these books? Let me know what you think!

FTC: This was a review copy provided to me through Net Galley for an honest review.

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