Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Undone by Rachel Caine

Undone (Outcast Season, #1) 
             Summary: This novel follows a fallen Djinn named Cassiel. When the book starts she's in an arguement with Ashan, the leader of the Old Djinn (You'll learn to dislike him most likely). Djinn are like Genies, kind of...slight differences though, you will understand if you read the book. This is a spin-off series from the Weather Warden series.This series starts way later than that one does. So I suggest you read that series first. Anyway, Cassiel refuses to follow Ashan's orders, which you won't find out what they are until later in the book. He decides that she should have her Djinn powers stripped away from her as punishment for not obeying his orders. So she falls to Earth as a regular human. Cassiel was the most terrifying of the Old Djinn. After, you read this book you will know that's definitely saying something. She had no want to social with humans, or care of what happened to them. She kept herself separate from them.
            She ends up in the possession of David and Joanne (who were the main characters in the Weather Warden series). David is the leader of the New Djinn. Joanne is a triple threat warden (She can control fire, earth, and weather.). The Old Djinn and the New Djinn dislike each other, because the new ones want to stay close to humans, and the old ones want to never see humanity again. There was a whole arguement between them in the series with Joanne, but I won't ruin that if you haven't read that series yet. They take pity on her. They decide that they are going to help Cassiel, and in order to keep her alive she needs to siphon power from wardens. She does need all their power just a little to keep her body satisfied. 
            They take her to Lewis, leader of the Wardens. He places her with an Earth Warden, named Manny Rocha (He can control things having to do with the Earth, there are also fire wardens, which they control fire). He's a general good guy, good morals, wife and kid. She is to stay with him in New Mexico, and assist him with his job. Old Djinn don't really care about humans or what happens to them, they are more of a hands off, and let things take their course kind of people. They also don't have human feelings. Now she is in her new body she develops human feelings. So she has to learn how to adjust to whats happening around her, and how to control these new urges that she has. Well things don't stay calm for long as she settles in; people start trying to kill them. So it is a race to see how long she can keep herself alive, and the people she cares about alive. I won't go any further into the story, because I don't want to ruin it.

Review: If you want my opinion read the Weather Warden's series first, because things in this book will make a lot more sense. This book was awesome. I don't really have much to say that is negative. It had a fast placed plot, I didn't feel like it lingered too long. Cassiel was easy to sympathize with, and I'm glad she started learning to cope with her new life fast. I was worried that she would take a lot of time to adjust, and it would make me frustrated. She learned to accept what was happening and get on with the show. There were a lot of funny parts that had me laughing. I liked how it showed her progression from hating humans to realizing maybe she was wrong about them. It seemed like a natural progression, and not very forced. She is a very kick-ass leading lady, who can take care of herself, besides the siphoning part. For those who like romance in their story, don't worry, Manny's brother Luis is quite appealing to her. Overall, I enjoyed the book, and recommend it. 


  1. I've not read this book yet. Sounds interesting. I'm putting it on my to read list.

  2. Thanks for commenting. It is a very fun read, and goes by fairly fast! :)

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  5. Great review! I haven't read this series but it sounds really interesting...I'll have to check out the Weather Warden series :D I'm a new follower! I would love for you to check out my blog Christy’s Book Addiction

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