Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Haul

I got these for free from a friend. I always see everyone reading Terry Brooks novels, so I have to see why.

These were also given to me for free by the same friend.

I got these for 1.50 each from Half Price Books. I want to start collecting the Weather Warden series, so this is the first in my collecting goal. I got the Elfstone one to go with the ones above.

I got these at the garage sale I talked about from a few weeks ago. Notice how the Wuthering Heights novel says it was at Walmart for 2 for $1. This one is from 1988. I wish that was still the price of novels.

I got these from the same garage sale. I never knew Judy Blume had written books for adults.

I always hear about how great Gena Showalter is. I got these for 1.50 each, they are part of the same series. I need to collect them all now I guess.

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