Monday, August 27, 2012

Unseen by Rachel Caine

Before I start the summary let me start out by saying I STRONGLY recommend you read the Weather Wardens series first. There is a link to the first book in it. I have noticed a lot of people complaining about the Outcast Season series (Cassiel's story), but the problem with their complaints is that they are confused because they haven't read the Weather Wardens series. If they had read that series they would be a lot less confused, and have a lot less to complain about. Now back to the book at hand.

Summary: Okay, so this book starts off as Isabel, Cassiel, and Luis are saving people from a fire that was started by one of the militant kids that Pearl trained. They had warned the FBI not to keep them in their offices, but of course the FBI didn't listen.
               The first problem that they come across, is that Marion Bearheart, an Earth Warden, has started a school for the children that have been rescued from Pearl's camps. They are trying to keep from having to take away their powers, and ultimately killing them. They can not survive without their powers it is too ingrained in who they are. So the wardens are hoping that if they can train the children to control them, they will be able to survive longer. So Marion calls Luis and tells them he has to hand over Isabel or they will take her by force. Of course, Luis doesn't want to hand her off, and Isabel doesn't want to be separated from him either. So Cassiel has to talk her into going, in order, to convince her she needs to learn how to control her powers.
                Now that they have convinced Isabel to go to the school. Luis decides he wants to stay and help the children that are at the school. Cassiel knows that she shouldn't stay, because her fight wasn't at the school. Her fight is on the outside against Pearl. So she leaves the school. Luis throws a fit, and acts like a baby, and basically tells Cassiel how evil of a person she is leaving them at the school.  Luis ends up betraying her as she leaves.
                  The FBI is hot on her trail, because essentially they want to take her and force her to tell Warden and Djinn secrets. So instead of letting them catch her, she goes to one of the FBI camps outside of one of Pearl's complexes. She convinces the FBI to let her go with one of their agents to get inside of the camp. Long story short she makes it in. The camp she realizes is actually not too bad of a place to live; everyone is happy and nice. She quickly learns, that the peaceful and serene camp is really just another trick. She makes fast friends with a fellow camper named Will, who she has a sudden attraction to. This attraction scares her, because she is still in love with Luis. Things at the camp don't stay perfect for too long....I don't want to go into anymore of it, well, because I do not want to ruin the rest of the surprises.

Review: Cassiel is continuing to have to be one who has to do all the hard work. Luis is too busy being a big baby. I really did not like his attitude in this book. It reminds me how much more I like David from the Weather Wardens series. So for 3/4 the book he sulks, while Cassiel gets out there and finds out more about Pearl. I'm very happy that Rashid is in the book again, I really like him. I like that we get to see Isabel in this new light. She's very kick ass. She is like Cassiel, in the fact she knows what needs to be done, and she will take care of it. Where as I was complaining about the second book being slow, this one definitely picks up on the action. We also get to learn more about the kids that they have rescued. It is actually pretty sad what you find out about them, and how long they actually have to live. It makes me want Pearl dead even more. Cassiel doesn't grow very much as a person in this book. She makes a couple of new revelations about humanity, but nothing really big. She did so much growing in the first couple of books, it makes sense that she would need to slow down though. We get to see Ashen again in this book, and it's interesting what we learn about him, and we get to see more of Cassiel's thoughts towards him. Overall, I think this was a pretty good book, definitely worth continuing the series for it. There is only one book left in the series, which I am reading at the moment.


  1. I really liked this book. But I agree Luis is a big baby sometimes. I LOVED the Weather Warden series and this series is good too, but the Weather Warden series is freakin EPIC.

    1. I like both too, but I think I grew more attached to Joanne and David. I wish the Weather Warden series wasn't