Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Ascent of the Undeparted by Deborah Palumbo- A must read!

Age level: 16 and up

This is book 2 in the series, if you have not read book one here is a link to my review for that: It includes a review, interview, and more!

Summary: Finding a cure of vampirism is not easy. But that is exactly what Quentin is trying to do. Him and Cassandra are finally settled in together. However, Quentin feels bad Cassandra is upset about not being able to get into Heaven when she dies. So he vows to make a potion that will turn both of them into mortals. The problem is Quentin has never been mortal. Of course, Christian is upset about his master's new revelation. What is interesting is while Quentin is trying to save Cassandra; he is actually putting her in danger. The potion starts zapping his energy and strength. Cassandra gets adultnapped(? lol) by Lucius (aka Mike, yes he changed his name). Quentin has truly created a monster. Lucius has no self control of his urges, and he doesn't care how far he has to go to fulfill them. But the true question is will Quentin find the strength to save Cassandra from the evil monster that is Lucius?

Review: Poor Quentin, he's just trying to help her, and instead he ends up hurting her. Cassandra as a character has amazing will power and self control. She never loses hope. In this novel Quentin grows more into his humanity. Even though he can't quite figure out if it is the potion or his feelings for Cassandra causing the reaction. He has never felt mortal feelings before. Christian actually shows more of his personality in this novel. I was glad to see there was more to him than sex lol. Even though, it is still a big part of his personality. Lucius is the epitome of evil and vampire. He has no self control and is constantly feeding his urges no matter what the cost. Like the first book this is a pretty fast read. I really enjoyed it. It definitely contained a few surprises. I didn't put or even hint at them in here so it won't be ruined! I'm sure anyone who enjoys vampire novels will enjoy this book. This book only costs $2.99, so go buy it! :) Let me know if you plan on reading it, or if you have read it what did you think? Links will be below. As always thanks for reading!

Rating: out of 5

Deborah has interviewed several bloggers. I was one of the one's she chose. She will be putting the interview up on 10/19. I will remind you guys when it gets closer to time for it to be up! I am extremely thankful she took the time to do that!

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