Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sizzling by Susan Mallery

                                Age Level: 17 and up

Summary: Lori doesn't take anything from anyone. She is the bull headed kind of nurse that Gloria needs to get her back into shape, and the type of woman that can call Reid on his BS. This book follows around several characters. Lori is one of three nurses hired to attend to a ruthless, wealthy, and rich woman named Gloria. Gloria needs constant attention because of her broken hip. She is a bitter old women who pushes everyone out her life. Gloria's grandson, Reid Buchanan, is a retired baseball player who has just gotten the worst press that a man can get. A reporter wrote an article about how bad he was in bed.Paparazzi surrounds his house boat day and night, so he decided to take refuge in his grandmother's house. Reid was the one who hired the nurses. He slept with two of them, but not Lori. He didn't see Lori like that, she wasn't the pin up calendar type of girl. On the other hand from the first moment Lori saw Reid in his grandmother's house she was instantly attracted to him. Reid took awhile to build up to Lori. Lori didn't like that she could be attracted to someone so egotistical, so she fights her attraction every step of the way. Lori is average looking compared to her beautiful sister, so Lori doesn't try to look "pretty". All her life she is made to feel inferior to her sister by their mother. Even though Lori and her sister are best friends, and her sister is dying; Lori still feels jealousy towards her. Reid soon learns that his manager has been making bad decisions for his charity contributions. He isn't the type of guy that was too worried about going to fundraisers, etc. He would rather send a check. The problem is his manager has been dropping the ball when it comes to that. He learns that he sponsored a poor baseball team's trip to a tournament but his manager didn't bother giving them tickets to get back. One family was so broke that they lost their car in order to get back to their home. So now Reid has to learn how to fix all the damage he has done to people by not taking the time to care. Can Reid change enough to be someone Lori can see in her life? Will he be able to fix his charity contributions before it ruins anymore lives? Will Lori be able to get Gloria to open up so she can receive the type of help she really needs? Will her sister get the transplant she needs to save her life?

Review: This story was cute enough. My one big problem with it is Lori kept thinking she wasn't good enough for Reid. I hate when women say they are not good enough for some man. Especially, when she keeps comparing herself to the type of pin ups he usually dates. She's just degrading herself. Besides that fact, I liked the way the story flowed. It was a bittersweet type of story. Reid really grew into a person he could be proud of. I was even shocked that I started liking Gloria. There is a side story but I can't remember the name of the girl off the top of my head. It was funny kind of story. This is third in the Buchanan series, but they can be stand alone, because they follow different family members in each one. I listened to it on audio book while I was driving in the car. I recommend reading it if your looking for a light, fast romancey read. It was all in all a pretty decent book.

Rating: out of 5

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