Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Haul and an AMAZING book find

These were each like a dollar, I mostly bought these two because I loved the

These two were also a dollar, (they sounded cute) if I read the book list correctly this is the first and third so I need the second.

I saw these and had to have them. They were $1 each. I absolutely loved these two books as a child!

These were also both a dollar (I spend too much time at goodwill). I really need to read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I can understand the hype. I bought the second one in an earlier haul.

I used to have the whole series but I sold them a long time ago, so I'm trying to recollect them.

I went to a garage sale. They had over 10,000 books out this is 3 of the many books I bought. I'll show more of them in later hauls, they were charging like 2 dollars a bag for the books.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book find. The book is the movie cover/back. Which is awesome, it's pretty old. This is my absolute favorite book of all time. So finding this made my day. When this particular edition came out it only cost 95 cents thats just unbelievable lol.

I know it seems like I'm getting a lot of books every week, and I am but up until like a year ago I had no place to store my books. So when I bought books, I typically sold them to Half Price Books. So my book collection was very small compared to how many books I have read. Now that I have tons of space to keep books, I''m trying to rebuy books I have read and loved, and I find new books that look interesting while I'm searching for those books. All the books in this haul cost me a dollar or less. So not a pretty bad deal.


  1. Wow! Your Goodwill is ALOT better than mine!

    1. Yeah, I have two not too far away from me. I try to check them every couple of weeks. I also have just some random thrift store nearby that always has a big selection of books as well.