Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mistaken by J.A. Howell-- Temporarily free on amazon

Let me start off by saying I haven't read this book yet, but I have downloaded it onto my kindle. From now to Saturday, the author has this book free on Amazon. Go download it. You can't beat free!!


"One year ago, two bullets from a .45 caliber pistol ripped away any hopes Dillan had of a future with her fiancĂ©, Jamie. On the anniversary of Jamie’s death, the appearance of his estranged twin brother, Trey, leaves Dillan wondering what other secrets her prefect fiancĂ© was hiding. When Trey learns of his brother’s death, Dillan takes pity on him and gives him a place to stay.

Trey’s erratic behavior and a series of suspicious phone calls lead Dillan to believe that Trey knows more about the circumstances surrounding Jamie’s death than he’s letting on. With all leads exhausted and Jamie’s murderer still on the loose, Trey is Dillan’s last hope for finding the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts… but in Dillan’s case it could kill her."


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