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Review: The Winemaker's Dinner: Dessert by Ivan Rusilko

Left on bended knee, with nothing but a ring in his hand and a gaping hole in his chest, Ivan Rusilko lost everything when Jaden Thorne said, “I can’t.” Now, six months later and despite her endless attempts to reach him, finding forgiveness for Jaden’s indiscretion is last on his list of things to do. Dr. Ivan is married to his career now, and his professional success is taking him places he’s never been before. But even the glow of accomplishment can’t heal his devastated heart. Determined to recover, to move forward at any cost, he now finds moments of respite in distractions that leave him emotionally bankrupt. He’s empty, a shadow of his former vibrant, life-loving self. On the outside, he may seem to be the man he always was. But inside, a terrible desire threatens to rip him apart and ruin him forever.
Meanwhile Jaden is haunted by the memory of the moment she saw the light wither and die in Ivan’s eyes. She knows it died at her hand. After months of trying to explain herself, of begging for mercy, she takes herself back to Miami, back into Ivan’s path, for one last chance at redemption. Can she entice him back into her arms? Convince him to give her a second chance? She’s determined to do whatever it takes to find forgiveness—even if all that’s left is forgiving herself.
In this final book of The Winemaker’s Feast Trilogy, The Winemaker’s Dinner: Dessert, author Dr. Ivan Rusilko is writing solo, drawing freely on his own life and love experiences to craft a heartbreaking and wildly erotic tale about lost hope, desperation, contrition, and—if it’s possible—the quest for a perfect ending to a real-life love story. True to its title, Dessert serves readers an indulgent, decadent last course, rich with twists, turns, and tantalizing truths.

Love is beautiful, guys like this really do exist, and the power of real romance is something we can all believe in

I was so excited when I received an email telling me about this tour. I absolutely love this series. Where the last book left off was such a cliff hanger, I was dying for this release. This book definitely did not disappoint. 

What do you do when who you thought was your destiny gets derailed? Ivan is in the process of learning this.  This is definitely a tale of love found, and then lost. This book starts out with a shattered Ivan, who is consoling himself with multiple women. He feels so lonely, and can't get Jaden out of his head. He hasn't talked to Jaden since she left him that day. Jaden on the other hand is not having any type of relationships. She still wants to be with Ivan, and hasn't given up. Although, she is stuck on what to do next. When her show goes on hiatus; she plans a trip to Miami so that she can unwind and spend some time with her friends. She is worried about running into Ivan. We all know that they will run into each other. There is definitely tension and fireworks when they do. There is a few surprise visitors from the past. 

This book was pure agony for me during the first part. Reliving all the heartbreak that they have been through was breaking my heart all over again. They are both still healing at the beginning of this book, and having trouble coping without each other. The book was fast paced and engrossing. I could not put it down. It was definitely interested to see each character grow and learn from their experiences. I think the trials they went through will ultimately make them stronger and more wiser. There was definitely a lot of good wisdom and advice in this book. I will put some quotes down below. It was so well written and eloquent, I love reading the writing style. It still definitely contained the amazing steamy scenes. I look forward to more of Ivan's books in the future. I hope there is more amazingness to come!!!!

"You screwed up, big time. You lied, you kept secrets, and now six months later you're still surprised he's not ready to deal with the needy girl who just wants him to call her back?"- Tasha

"You know, sometimes no matter how much you think you're giving or doing to make a relationship work, unless you're speaking the same language, it doesn't matter." She narrowed her eyes. "and I'm not talking English here, kid."- Ivan's mom

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Rating: out of 5

Ivan's Bio:
Dr. Ivan Rusilko is the Medical Director and Co-Founder at the new Club Essentia Wellness Retreat at Delano. Dr. Rusilko specializes in creating healthy lifestyles that support longevity and improved overall quality of life through medically supervised and customized diagnostic and treatment programs, with an emphasis placed on personal patient attention and follow-up.
His debut novel, The Winemaker’s Dinner: Appetizers, is the first book of a three book series which debuted July 31, 2012. The second installment "Entree" was released on December 18, 2012 and the final book, "Dessert" will be out April 30th. He is excited to offer a male voice in a predominantly female authored genre. Always one with a story to tell, he hopes to continue writing, exploring new genres and projects, as well as field future entertainment opportunities.

He is proud to bring two of his passions, medicine and writing, together in this unique project. He hopes that The Winemakers Feast Trilogy will help spark an enthusiasm and ignite liberation giving women the power and the courage to reclaim their sensual side, focus on their own sexual health and ultimately achieve a better quality of life.

"The best cosmetic procedure is adding a smile" -Dr. Rusilko

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