Friday, October 12, 2012

S.P.I.R.I.T. Fire Storm by Dawn Gray

Age Recommendation: 18 and up

Summary: Sam has woken up outside a church that has just exploded, not knowing how she has gotten there. She runs into a mysterious stranger in army fatigues named Zander. He is in a special branch of the Army. This branch is called S.P.I.R.I.T.  They hunt down evil ghosts in order to stop them. The problem is Sam shouldn't be able to see Zander, or any of them. So why can she? And where did this feeling of recognition and attraction come from since they have never met each other before?

While, she spends time with Zander, and his crew while they try to figure out why she magically appeared during their mission she discovers that she has developed the ability to catch things on fire. Zander has developed the ability to cause storms and make lightning. Pretty soon they figure out that they have a ghoul after them. The ghoul wants Sam’s soul for himself. With the help of Zander and his crew, will she be able to figure out what is happening and stop the ghoul from taking her soul before it is too late?

Review: I really liked this story. It is the perfect story to read during October with all the ghosts and stuff. This story was pretty fast paced, and it was hard to get bored because it kept up the momentum.

Zander is the perfect guy. He is smart, strong, and sexy. He is the type of guy that will make any girl’s heart melt.

Sam is pretty awesome. She isn't afraid to do what has to be done. She doesn't wait for people to do all the work for her. She is strong and brave.

Their relationship throughout the story is pretty strong. It wasn't hard for me to feel the connection between them. They did have a pretty steamy connection. It does contain sex scenes, so if you are uncomfortable with those I wouldn't recommend you read this. If you are comfortable with them then this book is definitely for you. They were pretty hot.

At the beginning there were a few scenes that kind of confused me, but towards the end they quickly made sense. Everything makes sense at the end, so don’t let some confusion in the beginning get you discouraged about this book. There isn’t too much world building, there is just enough for everything to make sense, but it doesn’t get bogged down in the details.

Overall, I really liked it. I suggest it to anyone who is looking for spooky read, and loves romance in a novel at the same time.


“Seriously, the next person to call me lady is going to get laid out! Would you please just tell me what is going on!”- Sam doesn't take crap from anyone.

““It’’s a pulse, like her heartbeat, a vibration that she gives off whenever I touch her, or when she touches me. It’s like a connection, as if our bodies know each other,” He replied, and suddenly I could see his hand come up and move through his hair.”

“”We had a visit.”
  “From a ghosty?” he questioned, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.
   These were the men who are going to save my ass from the big, bad monsters? Lord help me, I think I’m in trouble.”

“You brought a gun to a ghost fight?” I questioned

“My mother warned me! She said ‘one day, you’re going to meet the girl of your dreams, and she’s going to do nothing but bust your ass!’ and she was right! I can’t believe my mom was right!”

Rating: out of 5

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FTC: This was an ecopy given to me by Anchor Group and Dawn Gray for a honest review. Thanks so much!

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