Thursday, September 27, 2012

Revamp by Beck Sherman and talking about Giveaways!

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Now to the review!!!

Revamp by Beck Sherman

Age Level: 15 and up

Summary: No one expected them to come into the night. They corrupted the world leaders and stole our power. All over an ancient grudge. What is left of humanity constantly fighting for their life and freedom. Emma what just a normal college student with a hot rock star boyfriend. She never expected to be what was left of the survivors to have to defend humanity. Along with Cooper, Seven, Topps, Scott, Rudy, Mary, Sammy, and Charlie. That is all that is left as part of a renegade hunter team bent on getting back control of what is theirs. What belongs to the humans. Vampires have stolen everything from them. Will they be enough? Is there a way to win this war? Will all the deceit, lies, and pain make them crumble and the world lost to the vampires forever?

Review: I LOVE LOVE LOVED this book. It is probably one of the best books I have read in awhile. This isn't your normal lets have cuddle time with Vampires. The characters were kick ass. The lead protagonist was Emma, she was everything that an awesome protagonist could be. She wasn't whiny, she didn't let others take care of her when she could do it herself, and she picked herself up and got on with life. You will get the back story of a lot of the characters; they all came from different backgrounds to help us understand what the world is truly like after they took over. Which was pretty smart, He showed us instead of just telling us. There were some slow parts, but nothing too bad. This book took me awhile to get through just because it is such a big book. It was well worth it. I definitely suggest this book to anyone who loves a group of renegade hunters killing vampires. The book is only 99 cents on Amazon. Let me know if you put it on your to read list, or if you have read it what you thought. Links as usual will be in below.

rating: out of 5 

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I received a copy for review from Read It & Reap  and Beck Sherman, Thanks so much!

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