Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Blog Spotlight: Click here to see which blogger it is this week

Sorry, I haven't been posting much. I've had a lot of test and quizzes last week, and this coming week.

Jo Briggs is my Monday Spotlight. I love reading her stories that she posts on her blog. She puts up chapters of her books on it. She blogs two stories: Rekindled and Half Truth.

Rekindled (This link starts at part one):
"Rekindled is a story of Elle Benedict and Will Dexter. Seven years of regret and a confession that could make or break a rekindling love."

Half Truth (This link starts at part one):
"Half Truth, Whole Lie is a story of two lonely people who start an anonymous holiday romance within the confines of two neighboring secluded Sicilian beach villa despite messy lives back home."

She will be turning these two into kindle books, Rekindled comes out October 11th. Here is the announcement about that:

Add her book Broken (Broken Strings #1) to your Goodreads:
Broken (Broken Strings #1)


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