Monday, September 10, 2012

Blue Violet by Abigail Owen --Check This Book Out--

                                   Age level: 15 and up

Summary: This starts off with a girl named Ellie. She is starting her first day of school in a city called Estes. She talks about how alike this school is to the ones she's been at previously. So your trying to figure out what her deal is; does she move a lot or is she a vampire, is it going to be Twilight? Thankfully, it wasn't like that. Anywho, her brother pops into the story a couple of pages later, he has decided to join her in Estes. His name is Griffon; they are twins. It turns out that they are from an ancient tribe called the Svatura, and it was the largest tribe of magical people like them. Their magical powers get passed down through their parents, but most of them have a variation of their parents power and not the exact power. They live many more years than humans do, I don't remember it saying exactly how many more. Her tribe ended up being killed off by the Vyusher, another type of magical tribe. Her and her brother were the only people to survive in their tribe, so they have been living in seclusion to be safe. Then, she has a  bad dream about a family; they are the same type of magical people she and her brother are so she tracks them down to save them. Ellie's two powers are she can metamorph into a jaguar, falcon, wolf, and ....(I'm going to let the fourth form be a surprise :)), and she can also use other people's powers when she is in physical contact with them. As she is trying to get to a place where she can trust this family with her secrets the Vyusher are trying to plan an attack against the family she is trying to get to know. So the question is will she be able to save her new found family without revealing her secrets, or could keeping her secrets cost her everything, even her new found crush?

Review: Let me start out by saying, I am glad she did not end up liking a teenager like in some of those books, we all know what books I'm talking about. It would have been weird if she's been on this earth since before the Civil War and was dating a teenager. So I thank the author for that. Griffin, her brother, was a really sweet and caring guy. Alex, her crush, was an all around amazing guy as well. At some point you will have a chance to see into most of the lead characters mind, because it doesn't just follow Ellie around. I loved hearing the other characters thoughts as well. I actually really enjoyed this book. I grew really attached to all the characters, and I love all of them. Ellie is a smart girl, and did not make stupid choices. The reason why the Vyusher was doing what they were doing threw me for a loop. I didn't expect that at all. I loved how the family worked together to accomplish their goals. Honestly, I just loved this book. I suggest you guys and gals check it out. It was a fast read. I read it in a day because I was so hooked into the story. And hey for only .99 cents on Amazon, you can't beat that. Let me know if you decide to check it out, and what you guys thought about it. Purchase Blue Violet Here Also check out her website here, she is working on the second installment to this series.

Rating: out of 5

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