Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Rosewood Falls Novellas by Melanie Macek

Book Descriptions:
1 - The Best Man’s Honor  
Forced to face each other at their friends’ wedding, Joe decides he’s let Lily run from the reasons their marriage crumbled long enough. Can he make her see that what they had was really worth fighting for?
2 - Finding ‘Perfect’ Love
Forever clumsy, Iris constantly does things that keep the man of her dreams at arm’s length. And she can’t blame him. When her focus shift to the wedding and her friends’ happiness, will Thorne finally see she’s someone worth getting close to?
3 - The One Who Said No
Finding a man has never been a problem for Heather. Until the one she’s really wanted to be with says he won’t sleep with her. Colum says he expects more than just a night of passion. Can he convince her it’s worth the wait?
4 - Whatever May Come
Flower girl and ring bearer duties bring Sam and Daisy’s children together. Sam’s had a thing for Daisy since they met. Can Daisy let go of her fears long enough to realize Sam just might be the one she’s been looking for?
5 - Never Again
Aster Lewis doesn't give her heart away easily. Her matchmaking friend Flora set up on a blind date with Evan. While not exclusive, the relationship held promise until she was swept away by Derrick. After being manipulated and utterly humiliated by him in front of her friends and family, Aster is done with relationships.
Evan has kept his distance, letting the woman who holds his heart marry another man. When the opportunity arises, Evan does his best to convince Aster not all men are like her ex. Goading her into attending their friends' wedding, he hopes she'll realize never is a really long time to be without love.
This stories were very short, they probably took only about an hourish give or take a piece to read. I am definitely not going into very much detail. They take place at a friend's wedding. So all the friends meet up at cabins to help prepare for it, and romantic entanglements ensue. They were short and sweet, definitely a read if you want something that deals with emotion but doesn't drown you in it. The only story I didn't really care for was the first one. I don't like cheaters, so the second I heard he did, it was over for him in my book. Definitely read these if you want a quick and fun read about an awesome group of friends. 
Rating: 4 out of 5

Author Bio: Melanie has been writing in some form or another as long as she can remember. From songs to plays (a bad one) to poetry (not her forte) to romance, the urge to write has always been there. She read her first romance book at the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back. A voracious reader, Melanie has been making an effort to expand her reading horizons, thanks to forced college papers. Other genres have captured her imagination, but Romance will always hold her heart.
A native Californian desert rat, Melanie has lived over half of her life in Texas. Braving mosquitoes, humidity, and the occasional voluntary hurricane evacuation, she and her husband and their two 4-legged children – who have their own page on the blog – spend time with family, friends, and planning their next travel adventure. She writes in most of her spare time and always makes sure to take a pen and paper with her just about everywhere she goes.

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