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Promo/Excerpt: Residue by Laury Falter

Book Info from Goodreads: 
Kindle Edition, 300 pages 
Published April 13th 2012 
ISBN13: 9780985511067 
Edition language: English 
Original title: Residue 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When Jocelyn Weatherford is whisked away from a preparatory academy in upstate New York to live with her extended family in New Orleans, she is unprepared to encounter the dangers awaiting her. Yet even as she is thrust into an unfamiliar world of witches and voodoo magic, the greatest threat of all may be the boy she has fallen for.

While handsome and charming, he is also a Caldwell... a member of the family the Weatherford's have been feuding with for centuries. As their forbidden love grows it becomes the volatile spark that forever changes their world and everyone in it.

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Several things happened simultaneously. Just as I turned around to leave, the person waiting patiently in line behind me spoke. And just as he spoke, the room broke into chaos.

The wall sconce candles flickered first. Next the tarot cards lifted from their spot on the shelves as if a brisk wind had picked up and carried them, disheveled, through the air. Then heavier things began to move. Candles darted off the shelves like projectiles, hitting the walls with enough force to leave wax marks. Books slid off and slammed to the floor or against the bookshelves opposite them. The ceiling lanterns swung fiercely from side to side, slamming against the whitewash to send down chunks of plaster. The glass canisters banged against each other threatening to break.

That was when I felt arms around me, pulling me to the ground, and a body covering me, solid and secure. My top hat was gone and hands now covered my head with elbows pressed against my ears, dimming the sound of the destruction around us. With my face covered by my own hands and my body in a crouched position, only my legs were exposed.

I had to give the person credit. Despite the devastation going on around us, nothing touched me.

It raged for several seconds, prolonging the demolition of this elderly woman’s store. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, it came to a screeching halt.

My protector’s hands freed my ears and the body stretched across my back moved away. That was when I heard the voice. It was comforting, concerned, and a little uncertain. I was instantly drawn to it, realizing a ridiculous urge to listen to it endlessly. I couldn’t help feeling foolish, especially since his question was so understandable given the circumstances.

“Are you hurt?” he asked.

I felt a hand, warm and firm, on my shoulder, coaxing me to react.

Releasing the breath I’d been holding, I stood and blinked a few times, clearing the haziness in my head.

“Never been better,” I muttered and when he handed my top hat back I heard him chuckle.

A quick look around told me that the elderly woman had survived unharmed but her store had not. Every piece of merchandise now lay broken, littering the floor.

Without any warning whatsoever, she launched in to a tirade, speaking rapidly and in French, a language I hadn’t learned well enough yet. Then she stopped suddenly, to my surprise, with a chuckle, wide eyed and beaming.

I chalked it up to delirium at seeing her store destroyed at some unknown phenomenon until her other patron standing beside me spoke.

“Huh…” he mumbled.

“What?” I asked, still battling the surreal state I was in, watching as the woman shrugged and disappeared into the back room still chuckling.

Then he chuckled to himself, surprised. “She said she’s never seen this before. Apparently she’s read about it and been told of it but hadn’t witnessed it herself.”

“Witnessed what?” I asked, taking my sack of school supplies.

He laughed again, farther down in his chest. “Well…” He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “She thinks she just saw the introduction of two fated lovers.”

“Really? Who?” I asked, my head swiveling back and forth now, profoundly intrigued and looking for the people they were referring to, the two whom they believed to be the cause of this mess.

He hesitated and then spoke deep, firm, and with certainty. “She meant us.”

Author Info:
 Laury Falter is the author of the bestselling Guardian Trilogy. She writes young adult paranormal romances and urban fantasy when she's not taking her stray dogs for a walk or enjoying a date night with her husband.

Laury has released two series, the Guardian Trilogy and the Residue Series (a spinoff of the Guardian Trilogy books), and is currently releasing her third series, the Apocalypse Chronicles.

To learn more about Laury and her novels, visit her at:

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