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Review: Betrayals of Spring by LP Dover

Title: Betrayals of Spring (Forever Fae 2)

Author: LP Dover

Release Day: February 13, 2013

Genre: Fantasy, New Adult

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The smell of rain vastly approaches as we are lying on the ground in a sea of flowers. They surround our bodies while the fresh Spring wind caresses our skin with its soft, gentle touch. Combined as one, we stare into each other’s eyes as we bask in the pleasure of our love and OUR land.

The Land of the Fae has flourished bringing a new beginning and a new court, the Fall Court. Five years have passed since then along with the dreaded day that Meliantha, Summer Court Princess and one of the powerful Four, was betrayed and broken-hearted by the sexy and alluring Winter Prince, Kalen. Spurned by the man she loves, Meliantha has turned and fallen into the arms of the fierce and handsome warrior, Finn, who understands she can never love him, but wants more than anything to mend her broken heart.
The Winter Solstice Ball is approaching, meaning Meliantha will have to face the Winter Prince and make it out of there with her heart intact. But what does she do when Prince Kalen acts as if nothing ever happened and seems more in love with her than ever before?

The dark sorcerer has planned his twisted game of lies and deceit well, and has enjoyed making himself a player without anyone’s knowledge. The game is almost over and the players are exactly where they are needed to be. Will Meliantha figure out his twisted game and save all the players? Or will the dark sorcerer once again obtain the power of the Four and take everything away from her…..even her one true love?

Review: Let me start out by saying I loved this book. It was a fast read. I read it in one day. Meliantha was the second princess that the dark sorcerer was trying to steal power from. This story is very fast paced, doesn't slow down too often. I loved that it was just enough description to get a picture, but the story didn't get lost in the details. I love these kinds of books because it feels very much old world because of the kings and the queens, but still modern because all of the modern references. All of the secondary characters were really likable. Her guardian was a fantastic person who was so sweet and caring. I loved their interactions with each other. Finn was such a sweetie as well.

Now time to talk about my thoughts of Meliantha. I liked how strong she was. She realized she wouldn't be able to stay weak, because it would only handicap her. She was independent and had a strong will. She was so very smart. She had such a big heart. I think Mrs. Dover really did her character justice. I absolutely loved the person she was, and she truly had beauty.

Kalen, oh Kalen he is such a sweet guy. He may have not made the smartest choices at times, but its okay I forgive him lol ;). My heart really went out to him he was so tortured. They both really were at the end of day. His wolves were so cool, I wish I had pet wolves :p They both had their flaws, but that is what makes them real. I truly fell in love with every single character except a particular women, and the dark wizard of course. I can't wait until the next addition in this series.

I really do suggest everyone to give this series a try. I promise you guys will love it, if you guys like fae books.

Rating: out of 5

Author Bio: 

I am an avid reader that loves my collection of books. Writing has always been a passion of mine and now I am glad that I get to share my passion with the world. I live in North Carolina and I absolutely love being a southern girl. I spent several years in college starting out with a major in Psychology and then switching to dental. I worked in the dental field for eight years and then decided to stay home with my two beautiful girls. I spent the beginning of my reading years reading suspense thrillers, but now I can't get away from the paranormal/fantasy books. I knew ever since then that if I wrote anything it would be in a paranormal aspect. Now that I have started on my passion and began writing, you will not see me go anywhere without a notebook and pen.


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