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ARC Review: Rock 'N' Roll Promises by AmBear Shellea (18 and up)

Summary: Tagline~
The Beginning of a new existence and the creation of a whole new animal.

Your invited to tag along on Anna's magic carpet ride and experience her life, as it promises plenty of rock n' roll mixed with the fear of an unnatural forever. Her Rock n' Roll fantasy may never die, but will she?

Just look at her! Who does she think she is? Strutting in with her wavy shoulder length brown hair, framing a heart shaped face and Lavender eyes. Wearing a size 8 Leather outfit as she enters the paranormal arena throwing up Rock Horns, followed by her motley looking crew:

Paige Hendrix- The tall, long blonde haired, blue eyed best friend.

Oliver Zane "Ozzie"- The bad boy supernatural/paranormal hunter who is dating the best friend and perhaps the only human in the group.

Jaxson- The scruffy haired man with chocolate mousse eyes whom she is in love with but cannot have. Although, he begs to differ.

Sebastian-The tall, pale, and handsome dreamboat that dances his way into her arms and steals the only life she knows.

I will tell you who she is, Anna Skott! The newest face on the scene and the most promised to be on everyone’s lips. She’s not your average Jane and not your stereotypical Vampire. Her persona is way cooler than humans and a totally different breed in the vampire world. Anna is truly a one of a kind. 


Fulfilling a promise leads to searching her soul, her past, and the one night that changed her life forever...

Young, vibrant and with her whole life in front of her, Anna, who had recently traveled to Australia, is looking forward to ringing in the new year at her favorite bar. Dressed to the hilt, ready for a great night, she meets Sebastian-Tall, mysterious and handsome. Her one stand turns into a one life exchange! The beginning of a new existence. 

Anna finds her new life holds more than even she knows. It promises rock n roll, sex, love and secrets and a new set of rules. She embraces her new found self and learns to adapt. Anna, and her bestie, Paige, move back home to the states and live as normally as they can. As they say, best laid plans and all-Life has a different plan and yet another set of rules- Rules that even she breaks. The creation of a whole new animal. (Goodreads)

Review: First off, this book is definitely 18 and up. It has some pretty steamy parts. I really, really liked this book. Anna was turned into a vampire against her will. Vampires in this book aren't like the myths that are so popular. Each vampire feeds on something different. Some do feed on blood, but some like Sebastian feed on sex. It varies between vampires. Anna feeds on something different than those two, but it's a surprise. 

Even  though Sebastian turned her against her will, it was on accident. And part of me still wants to like him, I have no idea why. Anna has to give up her entire life. She moves in the Sebastian so he can teach her to be a vampire. 

Jaxson is in love with her, and wants them to be a couple. She doesn't think it will ever work because he is a human. He tells her to go back into time, and she will see he has always been there. So she goes into a trance vampires can go into to watch their past unfold until they find the answers they want. 

Paige and her boyfriend, Ozzie, are put in charge to watch over her while they sleep, but they have a little more on their hands than they expected. Paige and Ozzie are pretty kick-ass, and super amazing friends.

The ending of this book made me so frustrated. It was the biggest cliff hanger!!! I already can't wait for the next book to come out, and this first one isn't even out yet. This book is expected to be out on the 15th, I will let you guys know if anything changes. I will also remind you guys when it comes out.
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rating: out of 5

FTC: This book was given to me for a honest review.


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