Saturday, December 8, 2012

Book Review: Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Daniels (18 and up)

Summary: Jahi was born in hell, it wasn't her choice to live there. When the gates of Hell open, Jahi moves to Earth. She works in a brothel for her protection from the war that is being waged on Earth. This is after during Armageddon. The gates of Hell have been broken open, and there is a war on Earth between Angels and Demons. Jahi is just happy to be out of Hell. She wasn't cut out for living in Hell. She pines after a Demon named Prescott, who doesn't seem to notice her all that much. He is the only reason she stays working as a seductress for Lilith at the brothel. She is in charge of doing sweet dreams, which will transport the person into their ultimate sexual fantasy.

Review: Start preparing for the end of the world as you know it.  Armageddon is coming in this book series. This book made me so mad! lol Just kidding. I really liked it, even though it made me mad. The reason is made me mad is because the end was a huge cliffhanger, and so unexpected. I can't wait until the next one. This book was really steamy, and definitely 18 and up only. I think the world is an interesting one to learn about. Benjamin Daniels is creating a universe in which several book series will revolve in. Hell's Gate is his other one he has out now that revolves in this Universe. It is the first book of a different series. I will definitely read that when I get the chance. I am very intrigued and want to learn more about Angels and Demons. I also want to learn more about how humans are faring with everything. Which from what I understand, I will learn more about them in Hell's Gate. 

Jahi- Jahi was pretty likeable. I felt very protective towards her. She is very opinionated but she has to keep her mouth close, because if she went around telling everyone what she though she wouldn't have any clients. She realizes staying with Lilith is her best chance at staying out of the way of the war. She just wants to live life, and be with Prescott.

Lilith- She runs the brothel. She is not a very nice boss. She believes the customer comes first, no matter what her employees have to go through. You can get some sick people at a brothel. I didn't like her all that much, because of the way she treats Jahi.

Prescott- For awhile I really liked him, and he grew on me a lot. Then it all crumbled.....sadness.

Kael- He is a fallen angel. He was banished from Heaven, because he refused to punish the humans. I really wish he got more of a chance to be in the book. I found him really interesting. I felt really bad for him. He is getting treated very badly by several people.

It's a rather short story, so it is a pretty fast read.

All sales of Benjamin's novels goes to charities. The sales of Sweet Dreams goes to Breast Cancer Research. All the sales of Hell's Gate goes towards The Miami Project. So sales goes towards a good cause! Definitely check his books out. They are worth it!

FTC: I won this book in a giveaway.

Rating: out of 5

Author Links:
Hell's Gate- Amazon
Sweet Dreams- Amazon

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