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Book Review: Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd and Giveaway for Stalk Me

Summary: Keatyn is starting out at a new school, and new boys come along with that package. Keatyn is the low man on the totem pole at this school. This school has a Vanessa like queen bee. Keatyn doesn’t want to be pulled back into the mean girl cycle. She starts dating someone much unexpected, even though Aiden is still hot on her heels. The Stalker, Vincent, is getting very close with a few of her friends back home.

Review: So I had every intention of reading a few pages out the book, and going back to the book I am supposed to be reading for a tour. A ton of hours later it is 5 am, and I am finishing the book. This book sucked me in very much like Jillian’s last book Stalk Me. The only thing that truly upsets me is that I have to wait for April for the next book. What a cruel world this is. Okay maybe there is two things that upset me. I can’t decide what team I am on.  There’s Team Dawson, Team Aiden, Team Dallas, and Team Riley. Let me know what team you guys are on. So now onto the character discussion:

Keatyn: I very much loved her in this book. She acted more like herself, and stuck what she wanted to achieve. She is not having to act like a mean girl, or having to serve a Queen Bee. She is get involved in school and extracurriculars.

Keatyn’s Guys:
Dallas: I want to be Dallas’ BFF. He is so chill and laid back. He is pretty awesome. He is always there for Keatyn when she needs someone to talk to. We find out some interesting revelations about Dallas towards the end of the book.

Dawson: I go back and forth on this guy. He treats Keatyn really well...most of them time. At the same time there are times I feel like he’s in lust with her, and in love with her. Plus, I feel like something about him is untrustworthy.

Aiden: He’s hot one minute, and cold the next. He jumps to conclusions way too much. He needs to let Keatyn finish her thought. And he really needs to chill. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his really amazing moments. There are times he really stands up, and is there for her. I don’t know how I feel about him, other than he does have some growing up to do.

Riley: He is a lot like Cush. He is one her best friends and I am not sure romantically how he feels about her other than he lusts after her. His brother has a thing for her; I don’t want to go too much into detail about that. I am glad Dawson and Riley start having a better relationship.

Brooklyn: I don't even know why I waste my time typing about him, but here it goes....He is a jerk I have never really liked him all that much, and this book just made my dislike for him grow all that much more. I am glad he is out of her life.

Okay, I think I talked myself into Team Dallas, after I wrote about the guys on here lol.

Queen Bee Team:
Whitney: She is like Vanessa. They might as well be clones of each other.

Peyton: Peyton is her little minion, and does what she says. Peyton is sweet to Keatyn only when Whitney isn’t around.

Keatyn’s Girl Friends: Katie, Annie, and Maggie are her best girl friends at this school. They aren’t around a whole bunch. Katie is in the book more than any of them I think. They seem pretty cool, and they really like Keatyn.

I have heard some complaints that the stalking story takes kind of a back seat to the main story. If you think about it the stalking is very much a big part of the story. If Keatyn didn't have the creepy stalker, then she wouldn't have had to uproot her life and move here. She wouldn't be having all these new experiences with all these new people.

FTC: This book was given to me by the author.

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