Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Promo and Giveaway: Redemption by Rosa Lee Jude

Book Description (Goodreads): 
Be careful what you wish for. When the breakup of her family forces Grae White’s mother to move her two children from their privileged city life to her hometown in the mountains of Virginia, all Grae wants is to be invisible in her new life. But that’s rather hard when everyone knows that her father is the latest headline-grabbing white collar criminal, the most popular boy in school wants to take Grae to the prom, and then there’s that she lives in a haunted mansion. It would make anyone want to get away. Grae soon learns that a simple wish can reveal an unknown ability. Something more than curiosity spirals Grae back in time to seek the truth in the tragedy of a 200 -year-old murder. Along the way, she learns about history, happiness, and heartache in the lives of those who have lived on the property, including her own family. Her first journey reveals secrets that will lead Grae to further explore the legends of Graham Mansion. REDEMPTION is Book One in the Legends of Graham Mansion series. Look for the second story in the series, AMBITION, in spring 2013.

Excerpt from REDEMPTION:
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something red to the far left. Now that the boxes were out of the way, she could see that it looked like a piece of old wallpaper still attached to the wall. Still fingering the key, Grae walked inside to see it up close. As she reached toward the red, everything began to spin. A shrill sound filled her ears. She covered them with both hands and then realized that the horrible sound was coming from inside her head. Everything began to tilt and Grae felt herself falling. Something was pulling at her, from the outside, from the inside, like an unseen force was tearing her apart. She reached for the sides of the closet, but they were not there. She saw swirls of green and purple mist all around her. The air smelled stale like a damp basement. Her mouth tried to let out a scream, but it was silenced by the ever-increasing shrieking in her ears and the incredibly fast movement that was encircling her. Just as she felt a horrible sickness in her stomach creep up into her throat, everything went black.

Excerpt Two:
Grae turned and went back to the room where her small bed stood waiting. She looked back over her shoulder. She could still see the small puffs of smoke that were gently lighted by the moon. Joseph Baker only had a few more days of life. Despite his human faults, he was a good man; she wished she could help him survive what lay before him. As she climbed into her bed, she thought of her own father. He was no doubt sitting in a prison cell on a bed not much better than what she was now on. “I know you don’t believe me, but not all of this is true.” Those were the words he said to her on their last visit before his official sentence began. She wondered if she would ever know the whole truth in her own time.

Author Bio:
Rosa Lee Jude began creating her own imaginary worlds at an early age. While her career path has included stints in journalism, marketing, tourism and local government, she is most at home at a keyboard spinning yarns of fiction and creative non-fiction. She lives in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia with her patient husband and very spoiled rescue dog.

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