Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keeper of the Lesser Flame by Darmie Orem Plus a Giveaway Announcement

Review: Heather is living in poverty with her family. The women in her family are plagued with a curse. Her grandmother made a deal with a water deity for the life of her daughter.

In order, for the curse to be lifted her grandmother was supposed to bring her daughter back to the water where the deity lived; when her daughter turned 21. If her grandmother did not, her daughter would have the curse on her for the rest of her life. The curse would be that her daughter would marry a poor husband. Her mother died before she turned 21, and never was able to tell anyone about the curse.

Her daughter grew up to marry a poor man. They had two children, Heather and Aaron. To make matters worse her husband died, and left them poorer than they were originally.

Heather wanted nothing more than to move to America, and study writing at a university. Her father dying ruined all her hope, because there was no way she would earn enough money.

Heather met a man named Mark, and was set to marry him. He was rich and in love with her. Due to events the wedding was called off. (I don't want to ruin what happened.)

Heather sick of never being able to love, and always being miserable with the way her life is going turned to a witch for help. The witch offered to give her happiness in exchange for her soul. At first, she said no, but eventually events caused her to be so upset she accepted the terms. Under the spell that was cast on her it said that the man she loved could not drink her tears or they would die.

This is all I am going to give you guys because if I go any farther I will give you guys the whole story.

Summary: This is a novella so it is not a very long read at all. It took me no time at all to read it.

I found Heather's attitude annoying a little bit. She was too angry, and too unwilling to put down her guards.

Her father was a good man, he didn't last too long in the story, but I could tell that he loved his children.

Aaron was a good big brother, and loved his sister. He just wanted what was best for his family.

Her mom was a little overbearing, but like Aaron wanted the best for everyone.

Overall, this story was plenty fast paced. There was plenty of things going on to keep me entertained. The world building was just enough to figure out what was going on but not so much that I got bored. That is important seeing that it was a novella. Some of the explanations were a little confusing, and the time in between the scenes was a little blurry. I wanted a little more from what happened in between those scenes.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5. It was a pretty good book. I liked it. I felt some connection to the characters. I liked the idea of the novel. Goodreads-Amazon

Rating: out of 5

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