Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book Tour: Precious Bones by Irina Shapiro and Giveaway

AGE: 18 due to adult themes in the book

Book Summary: When the skeletal remains of a young woman and her baby are found entombed behind the kitchen wall of a historic Tudor house Cassandra is overcome with grief. She seems to know who the young woman was, but not how she knows, or how she came to be there. Cassandra becomes inexplicably drawn to the house and the mystery of the “Bones of Blackfriars.” As she begins to learn the truth about the Thorne siblings who occupied the house during the reign of Elizabeth I, her own life takes an unexpected turn, and she finds that her fate is linked to the Thornes in ways she never dreamed of.

My Summary: Betrayal, lust, murder, and envy surrounds the characters in this book. Cassandra sees a news story on the television about a girl and her baby that was walled into a house. She feels a strange connection to this young female. Who was she? This body had been in this house for hundreds of years. This feeling leads her to the impulse to buy this house in the Blackfriars. Which in turn leads to problems with her boyfriend. Now she is seeing visions of things that happened to this family that lived in this house. She is reliving the life of a young woman named Constance in her head. Due to her new head of the publishing company scrapping her book, this becomes her new book. She wonders if she is going crazy, has she finally lost it? No one seems to understand, but Adrian who seems keen on earning her trust. Is he the mysterious link to this whole puzzle?

The young woman named Constance, who the book follows around as well, lived in the Elizabethan times. She lives with her brother and sister; her parents died some time ago. She is a Catholic in a time when practicing that religion was very dangerous. The royal palace was on a witch hunt for all of Mary's supporters. Anyone practiced Catholicism was under suspicion. A young man named Richard was spying on her family. By a lucky turn of events Constance and Richard end up meeting. He ends up falling in love with her. This love leads them down a dangerous path seeing as she is Catholic, and he works for the Queen. This is a time when you didn't know who your friends were, and you never knew who might betray your trust.

Review: I know it was a sort summary, but I really don't want to ruin the surprises in the story. I loved this book. I was sucked in from the very beginning. I loved the characters, and grew attached to them. I was in tears during a few parts of this book. Some of it takes place in modern times, and some of it takes place in the Elizabethan era. This had some very intense scenes. This is definitely an adult book, even though scenes are not very graphic. It has a lot of adult themes.

Cassandra was the present day lead in the book. She was a writer, and was very popular. She was strong willed, and very fly by the seat of her pants. 

Tristan, Cassandra's boyfriend, was very analytical. He worked with the stock market, and was very set in his ways. He definitely didn't like change. He and Cassandra are complete opposites. So will it be opposites attract?

Adrian is new in town, he has just returned from overseas. He was working as a photojournalist. He has taken over the family publishing company. He intends to make it run more efficiently. He ends up having a soft spot for Cassandra. They have a lot in common, and get a long very nicely. So will it be birds of a feather flock together?

Constance is a very strong woman. She does what has to be done, and doesn't complain. She is always there for her family. She bears through the pain, and pulls it together. 

Richard was a man of honor. He was a gentlemen through and through. He took his duties seriously, and tried to come through for Constance in every way.

Rating: out of 5

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