Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Reviews In One and a Reminder!

Hide and Seek (The Lying Game, #4)

Don't forget about my giveaway!!!! Now you are reminded. So I finished Hide and Seek and A Quick Bite. I randomly started reading A Quick Bite. First I'm going to review Hide and Seek.

Age Level: 13 and up

Summary: For those who haven't read the series. This is the fourth book in the series. The main character is Emma Paxton, she was a child that was the foster care system. She found out she had a twin sister, who got adopted. They contacted each other, and arranged a meeting in Sutton's (her twin's name) town. When Emma got there her sister never showed up, instead she got whisked away by Sutton's friends, who thought Emma was Sutton. It turns out someone has murdered Sutton and plans on having Emma take Sutton's place. This is a world totally unlike anything that Emma has ever grew up in, Sutton grew up in a life that was rich and glamorous. Emma grew up with uncaring families and poverty. Now, Emma has to find out who murdered her sister, before she is next. She's quickly learning that there is not many she can trust around her, except a select few friends (who think she is Sutton), and a  charming new guy who knows who she is. Okay, so now on to Hide and Seek. This book really just rotates around her list of suspects growing smaller, and gaining an unlikely one. I can't go too into detail without giving away surprises. 

Review: This book seemed like another dead end. Of course, by the end of the book she still hasn't figured out who was the murderer. These books are a fast read, so they are definitely for people without much time. I just wish she was closer to solving the mystery.It is enjoyable. Ethan is also getting better an better each book, I hope he doesn't end up getting screwed around. I like that he's starting to get more comfortable around everyone. Emma really needs to find a way to tell Thayer the truth. I think this series would be better as a trilogy I heard that  there is supposed to be two more books (correct me if I'm wrong). This book was definitely interesting, and had its good moments. I'm not in love with the series, but I don't hate it either.

                               Rating:  out of 5

Age Level: mature 16 and up (some adult content)

Summary: This about a vampire named Lissiana, and a doctor named Gregory. This book is narrated by both of them switching off. This book starts in Gregory's head, he is just getting off of work, and it somehow finds himself in the trunk of someone's car. Lissiana starts out in this story picking up 'dinner' before the night of her birthday party. Her 'dinner' doesn't work out quite as expected, so she has to go with her cousins to her party early. When she gets there she has to change her stockings, and realizes there is a guy tied to the bed in her old bedroom with a bow around her neck. She assumes he is her birthday present. She is still hungry so she decides 'a quick bite' won't hurt. While, she is doing that, her mother walks in. She soon learns the doctor is not there for her to have for dinner. He is there to cure her phobia, she faints at the sight of blood.  The problem with the doctor is he can't be easily mind controlled, or have his mind erased. So he has to stay longer than they expected. Lissiana and Greg get to know each other, and start falling for each other. She still has some baggage, and can't quite admit her whole feelings towards him. Towards the middle of the story, someone tried to kill Lissiana. They need to figure out who it is, before the succeed in their mission. Is it the vampire council, because they are mad she is hiding Greg. Could it be someone totally unrelated, who isn't a vampire, and that is scary because their secret can't get out. 

Review: This book was a light read as well. You grow to really like the characters, because they are caring and compassionate. This authors story of how vampires came into existence was actually pretty interesting. Who knew that vampires came from Atlantis, and where just humans who had nanos take over their body. Giving them the ability to fix tissue, and their predator like instincts. So in this book they aren't dead at all. I liked the book for what it was just a quick, non-serious read. I got it from Barnes n Nobles on my nook on a whim because they had it for 99 cents as a special. It's a pretty big series. Although, every book seems like its a different member of her family. 

Rating: out of 5

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